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HovText removes any formatting from the clipboard. Cilpboard manager
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HovText is a very small Windows free application (open source) for unformatting clipboard documents.
HovText works in the background when it is active, taking care of removing any format out of the clipboard saved documents. It also acts as a very simple clipboard manager.

The application can be activated or desactivated any time. The program shows only an small square on the System Tray: green when active or red when desactivated.

When user copy a part or entire document, the application removes its format (if any) and saves it in the clipboard as a raw text document. Font size, color, layout, etc. are removed, as well as HTML code and the clipboard receives only plain text.

The application keeps track of the last 10 documents, maintaining formatted and unformatted documents (both) in the clipboard. When pasting to another document, it will be inserted as raw text with no format at all. User can filter with regular expressions, to keep email addresses, links, etc.

When copying from Internet, Microsoft Excel, etc.unless the user has filter out, the copied contents will be pasted without any format into the target document.

The application can be installed or uninstalled anytime, as well as activated or desactivated from System Tray by a click or using hotkeys.

It offers multilingual support: english, french, german, italian, danish, dutch, norwegian and swedish

Ignacio Solves
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  • Good filters set for respecting links, email addresses or pictures


  • It is necessary to monitor the System Tray to know if the application is active or not, since it doesn't show any window
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